Erin Furminsky Layered Surfaces

Erin Furminsky Layered Surfaces
Layered Surfaces Furminsky

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Final Blog

Final Blog/or I-Book Entries

Images of work in progress with reflection.
Sketches of gesture ideas. (Scan)
Images of artists work that inspired your work. (This is not optional, it must be included!)
Hair Influences (Photograph, artists work, sketches)
Gesture Influences (sketches, photographs, artists work)
Hand Position (Photograph, sketch,artists work)
Clothing Influences - (Photograph, artists work, sketches)

Reflection of the process should be included.
Your intent should be stated. What idea are you communicating? What is the plan?
What are you thinking? What is your goal as an artist?

If you have questions, ask them. I get paid to answer your questions. Its always better to ask than not ask. Remember to ask questions, before the project is due, so you can make the appropriate changes.

I look forward to seeing your final blogs!

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