Erin Furminsky Layered Surfaces

Erin Furminsky Layered Surfaces
Layered Surfaces Furminsky

Monday, October 25, 2010

Erin Furmisky, Jennifer McCurdy Images

Surface Exploration? Lets discuss, how? What do you think?
Erin Furmisky (Recently had a show at the Plinth in Denver) Was a wheel thrower and switched to sculpture. You don't have to stay with one thing!

We will be making slump moulds. Look at this image closely. What surface techniques do you think were used?

Jennifer McCurdy Cutting a thrown porcelain form

Wow! Jennifer McCurdy

Fired to Cone 10 without glaze (Vitreous)

She has an amazing photographer photographing her work!

Images from Conference in San Diego

Lorna Meadon Slip trailing
Juice Cup/Lorna Meadon Stamped and Slip Trailed

Layering Surface design. Stamps, spriggs, slips, paper resist.

Sgraffito/ Lorna Meadon/Mishima

Lorna Meadon/ Incised and filled lines.

There were 4 Amazing Artists in San Diego! Look them up! I am posting images from Erin Furmisky, Kristen Kieffer, Lorna Meadon, and Jennifer McCurdy. You are going to have the opportunity to try all sorts of surface techniques! Get excited!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Surface Techniques and Soft Slab Construction

You will be exploring surface before making a set of 5 tumblers that match using the same surface technique. I will be in San Diego at a workshop on Friday and Monday. I do not show dvds just because, watch carefully, learn and we will move forward when I get back. I will be exploring surface in San Diego, so be ready when I get back!

1. water etching
2. slip trailing
3. sponging
4. stamping
5. paper/slip
Pick favorite technique, and then go for it. Samples of Kristen Kieffers work to follow!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lynda Ladwig Visits!

The pictures start at the end- so scroll down to the bottom and work your way up. Remember, you will be exploring a series of 5 soft slab constructed forms. You must turn in 10 images of slab construction and make a pattern before starting!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Throwing Review Video

This video will help you remember the steps when you are throwing!

Wedging Clay

If you are having trouble with wedging, this video will help!