Erin Furminsky Layered Surfaces

Erin Furminsky Layered Surfaces
Layered Surfaces Furminsky

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Welcome 2nd Semester PotteryStudents!

We are going to spend the first week settling in.
We will work in the studio on Mon, Tues, Thurs, Friday.
On Wednesdays I will demo or we will work on our blogs.
Try to pay your 25.00 Pottery 1 fee as soon as possible!
Start your blog as soon as you can!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

End of the Quarter!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Break!!!
Now we really need to focus.

Remember to photograph all work for your final !
-sculptural piece

Rotation 3 -Make sure you are on the wheel everyday!

You must print-out your blogs and put them on my desk in order to receive credit!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wrap Up time1

Last day to work in class on the following items: Friday, November 13th

Sculptural piece: Due : November 24th (Tuesday)
This is the last day before Thanksgiving break!

Wheel Rotation #2/ Must be on wheel 16th!
New rotation begins after Thanksgiving Break.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Wheel Rotation 2- Make sure you have scheduled a time to work with me: 1 on 1
I am available 2,5, and 8.

-Finish shoe- Turn in to me for a grade.
-Sculptural Piece
-Organic Forms
-Olla's (x3)

Make sure you are recording progress and process on your blogs!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Blogs Due: Monday

Blogs are due on Monday!

Make sure to answer all questions on the hand-out!

Remember to use spellcheck! Capitalize all of your I's! You are not sending me a text message!

Hand builders-

-Don't forget to include images of all your work !

-Answer all of the questions in complete sentences.

Wheel Throwers
-Explain the process and tools. Pay close attention to the sheet I handed out!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Organic Forms

OrganicNatural, or referring to nature in shape or form. Organic is the opposite of synthetic.

You will need:

8-10 Images of form that will inpire and inform your work.

Plan- wall piece, group of items- How will objects relate to each other?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009



Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bring in Animals

Lisa Clague

Shoes are due Friday

Remember to weigh your shoe before you start.
Let piece dry slowly- very slowly!
Keep it thin!
Document your learning! Grab the camera
We will start blogs next week and you will need images of process with reflections.

Make sure to put images of stamps, and pods with designs on your blog.

If you have questions, ask before the deadline!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

It takes many voices to tell a single story...

Installation Art?

How can each of us create a group of pieces that can be combined to create a whole?

Look at these images- Lets talk about ideas in class!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


if you are an advanced pottery/I.B./A.P. student I am glad you are checking out all of the various sites. But you should be checking this site
for information about your class! GO!!!!!


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fall 2009 Pottery Students!


I can't wait to get going on our projects! We will start out the first four weeks of class handbuilding and then divide the class (1/2 throwing, 1/2 handbuilding)
The first four weeks of class will give you the opportunity to get acquainted with the clay bodies we use, and become familiar with a variety of building techniques (pinch, slab, coil).

If you have any old shoes that you think are extremely cool, or funky, please bring them in!

Hope you all had a great summer!

Lisa Rogers

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Final Blog

Final Blog/or I-Book Entries

Images of work in progress with reflection.
Sketches of gesture ideas. (Scan)
Images of artists work that inspired your work. (This is not optional, it must be included!)
Hair Influences (Photograph, artists work, sketches)
Gesture Influences (sketches, photographs, artists work)
Hand Position (Photograph, sketch,artists work)
Clothing Influences - (Photograph, artists work, sketches)

Reflection of the process should be included.
Your intent should be stated. What idea are you communicating? What is the plan?
What are you thinking? What is your goal as an artist?

If you have questions, ask them. I get paid to answer your questions. Its always better to ask than not ask. Remember to ask questions, before the project is due, so you can make the appropriate changes.

I look forward to seeing your final blogs!


All Torsos Must Include:

- Two eyes/Well defined eyelids and pupils
-Eyebrows/Correct Placement
-Nose/Nasal Septum/Correct Placement
-Mouth/All muscles of lips included
-Neck/Muscles of neck are well defined
-Muscles of face are included/ Face is built up using muscles/additive
-Clothing is well defined with details/stitching/ wrinkles/separates from the body

Muscles of torso are added and defined
Arms are placed correctly on the torso/preportional correct
Gesture is included in the arm placement

Expression is included in the face/References are used

This is the final project. Remember that since this is a studio class you must be present to receive studio points. In order to progress and be successful studio time is essential. You are welcome to come in and work during open studio time on Wednesday/20th 1-3, and on Saturday from 9-1. Let's get this done!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wheel People

Plan for end of year on blogs and in IBook
Seniors must conference with me/ final projects/ final firing/ pick-up dates
Document all completed work for a grade.
Remember to record all glazes used and how they were applied.

Sculpture People

Torso with Arms are due: May 15th
Update Blogs/IBooks
Progress/Ideas/Surface finish ideas
Mixed Media?
Artists that will inform and inspire your work.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Check out this great blog I.B./2D

This is a great example of what a blog should look like when you have completed two years of work. The self reflection is well done and the work is beautiful!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Congratulations Pottery Students!

Honorable Mention: “My Sister Joi” Cortney Ragin - Legacy
3rd Place: “Wolf” Alyce Mendoza - Thornton
2nd Place: “Heart & Soul” Mark Makarov-Junev - Thornton
1st Place: “Distorted Grid” Aaron Lamb - Thornton

HM: “Self Portrait” Emily Hyatt - Legacy
3rd Place: “Kiss” Zak Spatafore - Mountain Range
2nd Place: “Gibb” Emily Hyatt - Legacy
1st Place: “Legend” Markarius Williams - Thornton

HM: “The Star” Mai Vue – Mountain Range
3rd Place: “Don Quixote” Roman Martinez - Mountain Range
2nd Place: “Eskimo Story” Britta Schmitt - Thornton
1st Place: “War” Evan Daiss – Vantage Point

Traditional Photo
HM: untitled Brandon Mah - Thornton
3rd Place: “A Simpler Time” Ronald Bettridge - Northglenn
2nd Place: “Lost” Mackenzie Cranford – Mountain Range
1st Place: “Greetings Alice” Sam Scharrer - Legacy

Alternative Photo
HM: untitled Michael Painter - Northglenn
3rd Place: “Before and After” Ryan Roberts - Legacy
2nd Place: “Thoughts” Richard Arellano - Legacy
1st Place: “Reflection” Brooke Vargas - Horizon

Digital Art
HM: “Fire + Ice” Bobby Hill – Vantage Point
3rd Place: “The End is Near” Rick Mayer - Vantage Point
2nd Place: “Death From Above” Evan Daiss - Vantage Point
1st Place: “Black Book Remix” Nate Dyer - Vantage Point

Communications Design
HM: “Radeke Zoo” Antonette Jacobson - Bollman
3rd Place: “Climbing Trees with Levi” Levi Arthur – Vantage Point
2nd Place: “Vicious” Teaka Fernandez - Bollman
1st Place: “Tatos Order Form” Connor Pascale - Bollman

Hand Built Clay
HM: Place: “Peach Tree” Amelia Engleman - Horizon
3rd Place: “Ancient Chimney” Carolyn Pitcher – Mountain Range
2nd Place: “Strawberry Fields Forever” Sara LeMasters - Legacy
1st Place: “High Heel” Tara Sain - Horizon

Wheel Thrown Clay
HM: Place: “Shino Platter” Jordan Pieper - Thornton
3rd Place: “Saggar Bottle Set”Flor Widmar - Thornton
2nd Place: “Communion” Kevin Sakaguchi - Thornton
1st Place: “Crystalline Bottle Set” Dominique Gaudyn - Thornton

2D Mixed Media
HM: “ Self Portrait” Daniel Reed-Gonzalez - Thornton
*3rd Place: “Assimilation” Nhuong-Sao Ton - Thornton *3rd and 2nd
*2nd Place: “Mixed Media Composition” Sao Ton Nhongorder
1st Place: “Beaded Relationship” Tamara Novikova – Thornton

3D Mixed Media
HM: “Growth” Macarena Salazar - Thornton
3rd Place: “I’M O.K.” Karrington Richardson - Thornton
2nd Place: “Contemporary Bindings” Angel Lam - Thornton
1st Place: “Stage Show” Cori Terahari / Dominique Gaudyn – Thornton

HM: “Memory Box” Crystal Ho - Thornton
3rd Place: “Techno Ostrich” Carrissa Fincher - Thornton
2nd Place: “Two Tone Party Extravaganza” Jarrett Vigil – Vantage Point
1st Place: “Pods” Pablo Estrada – Thornton

HM: “Emotion Necklace” Rachel Thomas - Legacy
3rd Place: “Brass & Copper Fabrication” Jared Mielkus – Mountain Range
2nd Place: “Scarab” Dereck Guerrero - Northglenn
1st Place: “Wings to Fly” Cassandra Monroe – Thornton

High School Board of Education Purchase Award
Chris Trimble – “Cash Register Building” Hand Built Clay - Horizon

Monday, April 27, 2009

Sculpture Video From Gallery In Scottsdale

Check out this video. It has images of many up and coming sculpture people in America. I bet you know who some of the artists are already. (Cynthia Consentino, ???, Can you guess who any of the other artists are? Let's talk about this in class.
Does looking at this clip give you any ideas? (Body position, surface finishing, size???)

Sunday, April 26, 2009




Saturday, April 25, 2009


Please refer to previous assignment (Blogs)
Make sure all required information is included on your blog (Images, influences, work in progress, plan for the future, etc....)
Print out blog and put it in your I-Book.
Add notes/sketched/ideas in the margin
This was really due last week! Turn it in now!!!!!!


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wheel Throwers

Tom Coleman Platter
Nested Bowls

Chris Gustin Bowl

Platter with slip

Bowl with decals

- (Alleghany Meadows photo below)-

-Photograph all work in progress
-Put anything you have to be bisqued in the kiln room.
-Glaze as soon as possible. I would like to fire the gas kiln (ASAP!)

If you are working on-

-Bottles: Set of 3 (All must be trimmed)
-One piece enclosed forms with lids
Set of three that look related (Lid must fit!)
-Bowls: Set of six that stack and match exactly. Same size foot rings, height.
-Plates: Set of 6 Must stack. Same size footring. Same glaze. Make sure all plates get put --in the same firing. ( Why do you think that is important?) If you don't know, come talk with me-
Platters- 6 Do not need to match. Must be at least 8 pounds. Throw on plaster bats so they release easily. Rotate when drying (up and down) so they dry evenly.

Sculpture People/Advanced Pottery

Student in my class at Penland. (Cristina Cordova workshop)
Cristina Cordova working on a head. Adding white clay to red, like we are doing in class.

Close up. Remember that loading a stiff brush with white clay and painting in the direction of the muscles will make the face look more realistic.
Remember to have a mirror, photographs, and an anatomical image with muscle details in front of you while you are working.

Pay attention to details. Look at the line of the lips. They are not straight. Why not? Because of the muscles under the skin.

Sculpture People-

Completed by Wednesday!
At the absolute latest!!!!

-one eye
-two eyes

After completing the above try various surface finishing techniques on your face tiles
-cold finishing
-sandblast back glaze/watercolor/ acrylic oil

Remember, influences (artists) must be included in blog and I-Book
Sketches/Photograph of facial expressions
Plan! Plan! Plan!
Will you use real hair? Is technical more important than concept? Why? What is the focus/idea?

Torsos must have arms/ It's always a good idea to practice small and then switch to a larger sculpture!

Look at the sculpture images I have included on the website! Import images into your blog.
I now have an I-Flip camera, so if you would like to include video clips of work in progress that is now possible! Yippee! ( I think this is quite exciting!)

Look at the following websites:

Creating a Blog/ Advanced Pottery

All students should have set up their blog by April 20th

Included on the blog-

A brief description of what you are trying to achieve. What you have created, and what you plan on creating.

-Images of work that will inform and inspire your work

-Images of work in progress

-Plan for work in progress

-Images of artists work that inspires you, and what it is that you like about their work. Is it the surface, form, size, etc????

-You should print out your blog and put it in your investigation notebook (your I-book)

-I will collect all of this information on Wednesday

-Do not forget to send my your blog address so that I can link it to the pottery website.