Erin Furminsky Layered Surfaces

Erin Furminsky Layered Surfaces
Layered Surfaces Furminsky

Monday, October 25, 2010

Images from Conference in San Diego

Lorna Meadon Slip trailing
Juice Cup/Lorna Meadon Stamped and Slip Trailed

Layering Surface design. Stamps, spriggs, slips, paper resist.

Sgraffito/ Lorna Meadon/Mishima

Lorna Meadon/ Incised and filled lines.

There were 4 Amazing Artists in San Diego! Look them up! I am posting images from Erin Furmisky, Kristen Kieffer, Lorna Meadon, and Jennifer McCurdy. You are going to have the opportunity to try all sorts of surface techniques! Get excited!

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