Erin Furminsky Layered Surfaces

Erin Furminsky Layered Surfaces
Layered Surfaces Furminsky

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Congratulations Pottery Students!

Honorable Mention: “My Sister Joi” Cortney Ragin - Legacy
3rd Place: “Wolf” Alyce Mendoza - Thornton
2nd Place: “Heart & Soul” Mark Makarov-Junev - Thornton
1st Place: “Distorted Grid” Aaron Lamb - Thornton

HM: “Self Portrait” Emily Hyatt - Legacy
3rd Place: “Kiss” Zak Spatafore - Mountain Range
2nd Place: “Gibb” Emily Hyatt - Legacy
1st Place: “Legend” Markarius Williams - Thornton

HM: “The Star” Mai Vue – Mountain Range
3rd Place: “Don Quixote” Roman Martinez - Mountain Range
2nd Place: “Eskimo Story” Britta Schmitt - Thornton
1st Place: “War” Evan Daiss – Vantage Point

Traditional Photo
HM: untitled Brandon Mah - Thornton
3rd Place: “A Simpler Time” Ronald Bettridge - Northglenn
2nd Place: “Lost” Mackenzie Cranford – Mountain Range
1st Place: “Greetings Alice” Sam Scharrer - Legacy

Alternative Photo
HM: untitled Michael Painter - Northglenn
3rd Place: “Before and After” Ryan Roberts - Legacy
2nd Place: “Thoughts” Richard Arellano - Legacy
1st Place: “Reflection” Brooke Vargas - Horizon

Digital Art
HM: “Fire + Ice” Bobby Hill – Vantage Point
3rd Place: “The End is Near” Rick Mayer - Vantage Point
2nd Place: “Death From Above” Evan Daiss - Vantage Point
1st Place: “Black Book Remix” Nate Dyer - Vantage Point

Communications Design
HM: “Radeke Zoo” Antonette Jacobson - Bollman
3rd Place: “Climbing Trees with Levi” Levi Arthur – Vantage Point
2nd Place: “Vicious” Teaka Fernandez - Bollman
1st Place: “Tatos Order Form” Connor Pascale - Bollman

Hand Built Clay
HM: Place: “Peach Tree” Amelia Engleman - Horizon
3rd Place: “Ancient Chimney” Carolyn Pitcher – Mountain Range
2nd Place: “Strawberry Fields Forever” Sara LeMasters - Legacy
1st Place: “High Heel” Tara Sain - Horizon

Wheel Thrown Clay
HM: Place: “Shino Platter” Jordan Pieper - Thornton
3rd Place: “Saggar Bottle Set”Flor Widmar - Thornton
2nd Place: “Communion” Kevin Sakaguchi - Thornton
1st Place: “Crystalline Bottle Set” Dominique Gaudyn - Thornton

2D Mixed Media
HM: “ Self Portrait” Daniel Reed-Gonzalez - Thornton
*3rd Place: “Assimilation” Nhuong-Sao Ton - Thornton *3rd and 2nd
*2nd Place: “Mixed Media Composition” Sao Ton Nhongorder
1st Place: “Beaded Relationship” Tamara Novikova – Thornton

3D Mixed Media
HM: “Growth” Macarena Salazar - Thornton
3rd Place: “I’M O.K.” Karrington Richardson - Thornton
2nd Place: “Contemporary Bindings” Angel Lam - Thornton
1st Place: “Stage Show” Cori Terahari / Dominique Gaudyn – Thornton

HM: “Memory Box” Crystal Ho - Thornton
3rd Place: “Techno Ostrich” Carrissa Fincher - Thornton
2nd Place: “Two Tone Party Extravaganza” Jarrett Vigil – Vantage Point
1st Place: “Pods” Pablo Estrada – Thornton

HM: “Emotion Necklace” Rachel Thomas - Legacy
3rd Place: “Brass & Copper Fabrication” Jared Mielkus – Mountain Range
2nd Place: “Scarab” Dereck Guerrero - Northglenn
1st Place: “Wings to Fly” Cassandra Monroe – Thornton

High School Board of Education Purchase Award
Chris Trimble – “Cash Register Building” Hand Built Clay - Horizon

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