Erin Furminsky Layered Surfaces

Erin Furminsky Layered Surfaces
Layered Surfaces Furminsky

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wheel Throwers

Tom Coleman Platter
Nested Bowls

Chris Gustin Bowl

Platter with slip

Bowl with decals

- (Alleghany Meadows photo below)-

-Photograph all work in progress
-Put anything you have to be bisqued in the kiln room.
-Glaze as soon as possible. I would like to fire the gas kiln (ASAP!)

If you are working on-

-Bottles: Set of 3 (All must be trimmed)
-One piece enclosed forms with lids
Set of three that look related (Lid must fit!)
-Bowls: Set of six that stack and match exactly. Same size foot rings, height.
-Plates: Set of 6 Must stack. Same size footring. Same glaze. Make sure all plates get put --in the same firing. ( Why do you think that is important?) If you don't know, come talk with me-
Platters- 6 Do not need to match. Must be at least 8 pounds. Throw on plaster bats so they release easily. Rotate when drying (up and down) so they dry evenly.

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